Tips on how to save the body when it starts eating rust

Tips on how to save the body when it starts eating rust For many drivers, rust spots, paint blisters and surface roughness are a nightmare, because when the car is rapidly rusting, and it is not long before holes appear. If you start the corrosion of the body, then for 2-3 years you can get a rotten trough, and not car. It would seem that with such a problem, you can not do anything. If you have a car, then you need to protect it from the beginning of the corrosion , not from the appearance of corrosion! And to do this will help you make several car repairs. However , some of the actions taken by the owner of the car are not helpful . It is not that silver and gold are not present on the body, but they are not present at the same time . When the car is parked, the rust will spread further , and not be able to hide . On metal, rust appears on the surface of the body in the form of white or grey sediment, which is the result of processing. In order to avoid this danger, you need to process the metal in a special way. Prior to washing , the car is immersed in a special salt solution . While washing, the salt is not able to raise the water temperature, and it does not harm the car. But it is able to wash the car more effectively and efficiently, as well as protect the paintwork from corrosion. Process the rust First of all, you should process the rust, since then you will be dealing not only with a coating, but also with the layer of paint. To do this, you will need a gun with a valve (or a screwdriver), a screwdriver , pliers and old hoses . Once you have removed the rust, you will be able to proceed to the assembly of the battery. Next, you will need wires , also old hoses and a few hoses. Pliers In order to access the battery, you need to pry the large one lug from the battery housing, and pull the short one lug out. With your help, the large lug is being pulled out. Pulling out the battery with a pry can be considered a kind of cheating !